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Livestock Farms Partially Responsible for Drinking Water Contamination

California officials identify agriculture, including cows, as a major source of nitrate pollution in more than 100,000 square miles of polluted groundwater. Giant livestock farms and the pollution from animal waste and fertilizers that run off into groundwater sources seriously threatens humans through drinking water or well water contamination. And, as residents in rural California […]

Water Conservation Critical in California

Water conservation has become quite the concern in California in recent years. While the public drinking water systems still have plenty of room for improvement, how we utilize and conserve water is more important than ever. We, as consumers, must start conserving water in our homes and in our yards before our reserves get any […]

Groundwater Awareness Week 2013

Many homeowners take their drinking water for granted and are not as aware as they could be of the source of their drinking water. National Groundwater Awareness Week is from March 10-16 and is the perfect time for you to get involved. Groundwater is the main source of drinking water and is essential to the […]

Resolve to Conserve Water in 2013

As you approach the New Year, what will your resolution be? To lose weight? To get in shape? To pay off bills? Why not try something original – and something that will really make a difference beyond your own home and family? We’d like to challenge you to make a commitment to protect our most […]

Take the Challenge for Water Conservation!

Conservation – it is not just for states in the southwest with dry climates anymore. The National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation is a friendly, community-based competition between cities across the nation to see who can be the most “water wise” during April. With support from EPA, Toyota, U.S. Forest Service, NOAA, and a number […]

Water Filter Comparisons

It’s almost impossible to remove 100% of every possible type of contamination from city water, but by using a home water filtration system you can greatly improve upon the quality of the water you consume.  Research is always important before purchasing a product that is as important to the health and wellness of your family […]

How Much Water Waste Can You Find?

Hidden or indirect water use is when people use water without knowing it while direct use is when they know they are using water. Hidden water use is, unfortunately, most often simply wasted. Let’s change the term then to hidden water waste and ask how much can you find in your own household. Researchers are […]