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Nitrates in Drinking Water – What do you know?

There is so much we need to know about nitrates in drinking water, but how much are we really taught? How much can you say that you actually know about these ions and their potential risk to your drinking water? We don’t think consumers are told enough and we want to tell you a little […]

Soft Water Equals Healthy Skin

Ladies, and yes even gentlemen, picture this; a deep tub, filled with steaming hot water and a cloud of bubbles swaying on the surface just waiting for you to sink in and soak all your cares and troubles away … Mmmm delightful!!  It’s shocking I know that something so wonderful could actually have proven heath […]

Are Pregnant Women At-Risk for Drinking Water Contamination Dangers?

Drinking water systems provide better quality water for any member of any household, but when it comes to pregnant women, filtered tap water may be more important than ever as a new study brings to light the dangers of tap water contamination and potentials for birth defects. Most pregnant women do whatever they can to […]

Drink to Your Health!

Cheers! January is National Soup Month and National Hot Tea Month and staying hydrated keeps you healthier, feeling great, and looking great too. We can stay hydrated through alternatives to just drinking water like low-sodium soups, teas, and smoothies. Drinking these to your health will get you on the fast track to hydration, possibly dropping […]