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Tag: Water Softener Benefits

Is a water conditioner the right choice for you? 

Hard water is not particularly unhealthy, but it’s capable of causing some costly problems for your home. The costliest issues include scaling, pipe blockage and even pipe leaks. Scaling is the buildup of minerals to form a deposit called lime scale. Hard water, mixed with soap, forms nasty soap scum, which leaves a bathtub ring on your surfaces. Eventually, the scaling […]

Soft Water Equals Healthy Skin

Ladies, and yes even gentlemen, picture this; a deep tub, filled with steaming hot water and a cloud of bubbles swaying on the surface just waiting for you to sink in and soak all your cares and troubles away … Mmmm delightful!!  It’s shocking I know that something so wonderful could actually have proven heath […]

Healthy Skin Comes from Healthy Water

A new online article reminds us all of the health benefits of consuming water. Everyone who drinks water can tell you they just “feel better,” but what many people don’t know if how or why they feel and look better just from drinking plenty of water each day. Water is crucial for any living thing, […]

Softened Water Cuts Household Expenses

Every household in America has clothes and dishes that need washed most every day and on everyone’s grocery list laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent seem to take priority. Imagine if you could get by on less detergent – even half of what you use now. That would be a significant savings every year! Laundry usually […]

Choose The System That Really Makes A Difference

The last few years have brought legislative and environmental changes to water treatment in our state. Here in California, we are plagued with hard water, but because of the environmental effects of traditional salt-dumping water softeners, many of us have had to learn to deal with water spots, plugged showerheads, and water heaters that fail […]

Now THAT’S Hard, Escondido!

Here in Escondido, we are well acquainted with hard water. We know that our faucets and shower doors get water spots and that crusty white film, it takes a whole handful of shampoo to really get bubbles in our hair, and we have to drain and flush our hot water heater every few years. But, […]

Win the Battle with Dry Winter Skin

Winter’s severe weather can leave skin dry, chapped, and often painfully cracked. Even mild climates are affected by swings in temperature and humidity. When air temperature drops and humidity decreases, the outer layers of our skin lose essential water and oils. This leaves the telltale feelings of tight, itchy, and sensitive dry skin. Three simple […]


Most water in North San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County is very hard. The US Geological Survey, Department of Interior defines water with over 10.5 grains per gallon of hardness as VERY HARD WATER and most of our areas meets or exceeds 10.5 grains. Hard water damages fixtures, appliances and plumbing. Hard water also […]