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Brilliant Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

  We know that owning a business these days can be expensive, and while you want to save some money, you also want your business to provide the best to your customers and your employees. It isn’t always easy to find a balance, but our bottleless water coolers provide so many benefits for both your business […]

Water Conservation, everyone gets in on it

Every year we hear more and more about global warming and the effects it is having on our weather, drought conditions, and snow pack buildup in the mountain areas. This year many areas are seeing the La Nina weather pattern which is leaving much less snow behind and making experts concerned about the amount of […]

Have You Considered Your Business’s Water Bill?

In this day and age we are used to the convenience of running water that is readily available every time we turn on the tap or flush the toilet. Perhaps we are so used to it that we are now taking it for granted and taking advantage of it. It’s easy to do; we often […]