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Teflon Chemicals Found in Drinking Water in 27 States

Whoa – Teflon in drinking water? We have all heard of Teflon before, a tough synthetic resin used to coat nonstick utensils and to make seals and bearings. It is definitely not something we want to hear about being in our drinking water, but according to a recent study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) […]

Do your kids drink enough water?

Do you pay attention to how much water your children drink each day? If you’re like most parents – probably not. But a recent article from CNN has many people rethinking the importance of making sure their children are drinking plenty of water on a daily basis and gives some startling data on the truth […]

Benefits of Drinking Water with Lemon in the Morning

Sometimes, it seems that there are just too many diet fads or health advice going on at once. When watching the television or scanning through Facebook, you can feel bombarded with the latest food trends, pills, or gadgets to shed a few pounds. What we all need is something that is simple and affordable to live […]

National Kitchen and Bath Month Must-Have

 October is National Kitchen and Bath Month and while most consumers are thinking about what expensive upgrades they can make to remodel their kitchen, we think there is an even better solution this year to improve the quality of life in both your kitchen and your home in general. U.S. homeowners on average spent $28,030 […]

Sewer Water During Drought Conditions

Did you ever think you’d see the day when sewer water would become a possible drinking water source? Well, the drought conditions in a few Texas areas have caused enough concern, like here in California, as well as drastic measures. This solution is known as the “toilet-to-tap” method, treating sewer water as a supply for […]

How Much Water is Really in Your Water Bottle?

It is a fact that drinking water throughout the day keeps you hydrated and has a multitude of health benefits.  But where does our daily intake of water come from?  Since the majority of us cannot be around the kitchen sink all day long, many Americans resort to the convenience of grabbing some sort of […]

Celebrate Baby Safety Month with Filtered Tap Water

When we bring a baby into the world, we do so with the responsibility of protecting them and keeping them happy and healthy the best we can. We make informed decisions about what is best for them at all times. We bring them for check-ups, give them food, shelter and love and teach them life’s […]

Cheers to Heart Health!

With Valentine’s Day situated in the middle of February, it seems like this month we focus on stealing hearts, winning hearts, and even mending broken hearts. Ironically, February also happens to be American Heart Month, the perfect time to fuel this amazing organ emotionally and physically. Your heart is a vital part of living – […]

Good-bye Toxins!

No one wants to drink toxins intentionally, but without knowing what is in your drinking water, you may be doing just that. Pure drinking water is a precious natural resource and one that should never be taken for granted. But the truth is, not all drinking water is pure and safe, and there are some […]

Instill Healthy Habits in Early Childhood

Every parent wants the best for their children’s health, but healthy eating and drinking habits start in early childhood. Your children will make better choices both at home and when eating out (like choosing water over sugary soft drinks) when they have the choices instilled early.  A recent article from Asia One News shows that […]