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Is a water conditioner the right choice for you? 

Hard water is not particularly unhealthy, but it’s capable of causing some costly problems for your home. The costliest issues include scaling, pipe blockage and even pipe leaks. Scaling is the buildup of minerals to form a deposit called lime scale. Hard water, mixed with soap, forms nasty soap scum, which leaves a bathtub ring on your surfaces. Eventually, the scaling […]

Salt-Free Water Conditioners Explained

With all of the water treatment systems that we offer, we are constantly asked about the difference between water softeners and salt-free water conditioners. There are some differences but both water systems are effective at doing their job. Water Softening is the act of reducing or eliminating dissolved calcium and magnesium hardness minerals from the […]

Before You Take a Hot, Steamy Shower…

Drinking tap water isn’t the only concern these days. Most consumers are aware that there are many situations where drinking water from the tap is contaminated and can cause serious health issues. But did you realize that contaminated shower water could actually be more harmful than drinking the water itself? From allergic reactions to chemicals […]