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The Safety and Quality of Reverse Osmosis Water

When something as important as your drinking water comes into play, there are bound to be concerns. While we can all agree that not all reverse osmosis systems are created equal, many systems are able to provide the safe, high quality drinking water your family needs. Removing unwanted and harmful contaminants is the main job […]

The Future of Water Filtration

Clean water is essential for life. Unfortunately, there is not enough drinking water to meet the requirements of all the people in the world. The UN has predicted that around 1.2 billion people, or 14% of the world’s population, will experience difficulties sourcing clean water by 2025. Researchers also say two-thirds of the world’s population […]

California’s Drinking Water is Plagued with Lead

There are areas in California where the drinking water contains higher levels of lead than Flint MI, and yet people aren’t talking about this public health issue! Despite national knowledge, and efforts to rid our communities of lead, the hazard still remains all over our country. Recent data revealed that tests on children in many […]

Simple Reverse Osmosis Maintenance Tips

Most homeowners purchase a reverse osmosis system (RO) in order to have access to safe, great tasting drinking water for their home or office. If you’re not sure if you need a water filtration system, contact your local water supplier, and ask them to test your water. If you find that you need to purchase a water […]

2017: This is the Year of Smart Water Trends

This past year brought us a LOT of things to be concerned with and plenty to celebrate, too. Drinking water seemed to be a topic in California and around the world more than ever before. From the effects of the drought, to water contamination in the US and beyond. We heard more about the quality […]

Another Cancer Risk Found in Drinking Water

It seems that there are many causes of cancer these and days and most of us know someone who has been affected by this ugly disease. In the United States, about 1 in 8 women just under 12% will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. The causes vary, but if there […]

Water Treatment At Its Best

As a water treatment company, we spend a lot of time reading and learning about water issues all over the world. It’s heartbreaking to consider the millions of people in other countries who are forced to deal with grossly contaminated water every single day and have no possible way to obtain clean drinking water. On […]

How Much is Too Much Chlorine?

There are a number of things out there that can make us sick, but drinking water should never be one of them. But even here in the United States with one of the most advanced drinking water sources in the world, we face many issues due to the drinking water issues that residents face all […]

Waste in Water?

The topic may be disgusting and slightly disturbing, but it is present and should create further discussion. When it comes to our water, most consumers agree that they would do almost anything to have it be safe and pure. But the truth is, there are too many contaminants in our drinking water to be sure […]

Research Shows Possible Link between Early PCE Exposure and Visual Impairments

A recent article published by Science Daily presents some pretty serious information on early exposure to one specific chemical in drinking water. Most of us will assume that early exposure to most chemicals in our drinking water can do harm in one way or another, and this article presents the basis and research that backs […]