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Is Liquid Arsenic Coming From Your Faucet?

Recently it came to the attention of residents in a small community in Texas that their water supply was tainted with arsenic. And not just mildly tainted, it had levels of arsenic that exceed the levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Residents in Cyndie Park, Texas were unaware of the high levels of arsenic, […]

E. Coli May Have Adverse Long Term Effects On The Heart

E. coli is a word that we often associate with stomach problems – pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea – and for the most part a mild case is exhibited by symptoms that hit rapidly and depart within a short period of time. What Canadian researchers have recently found, however, is that there could be long […]

It’s All In The Details

Of course most of you know what water softeners are and what they do. And, if you already own one, you know that they are “green” in their own right by allowing you to use less soap and harsh cleaning chemicals, by giving your water heaters and dishwashers longer life spans – keeping them out […]

The Best of the Best is Still Left Wanting

Surely you’ve seen all the articles in the news lately about the quality of water that is sold in individually portioned plastic bottles at a ridiculous price? Just this week, I saw yet another, titled “Best and Worst Bottled Water Brands.” You know what they were basing their determination of “best” and “worst” on? Very […]

Choose The System That Really Makes A Difference

The last few years have brought legislative and environmental changes to water treatment in our state. Here in California, we are plagued with hard water, but because of the environmental effects of traditional salt-dumping water softeners, many of us have had to learn to deal with water spots, plugged showerheads, and water heaters that fail […]

The Drying of The Southwest

We recently came across an interesting paper, “Population, Immigration, and the Drying of the American Southwest” that caught our eye, since we are water people after all. Here in the southwest, we hear a lot about immigration and its social, political, and economic effects, but water – that’s an effect many of us never connected. […]

New California Water Warning

It was recently in the headlines. Perchlorate. This naturally occurring and manmade contaminant has been increasingly found in groundwater, surface water and soil. Most perchlorate manufactured in the U.S. is used as an ingredient in solid fuel for rockets and missiles. It was found in higher quantities than is recommended by federal regulations. The tests […]

E. coli Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Once again this week, we see E. coli and drinking water mentioned in the same news article. This time, it was found at a middle school in Oregon, but last week, it was in a New Jersey community. Fortunately, this school had precautionary measures in place. The E. coli was found in the school’s well, […]

How Much Harm Would You Allow Your Family?

If you were told something was or even could be harmful for your family, wouldn’t you do your best to eliminate the possibility of its intake? Most people would. According to a new study by a team of researchers, led by Maryse Bouchard, adjunct professor at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology, Health, Environment […]