North County Portable Service & Repair

Jake Bell - Service Tech

Rayne of North County recommends you have your Soft Water System and Drinking Water System checked at least once a year – regardless of where you purchased it.

Whether you purchased your system from us or another company, Rayne of North County services most major brands. Our Rayne-trained technicians use the best quality filters, parts, and membranes. For your annual drinking water system service, they will sanitize the entire unit, replace all of the filters, cartridges, and membranes and replace any worn hoses, tubing, clamps or parts.

Our friendly technicians are knowledgeable and happy to answer all of your questions regarding your drinking water or soft water system. Contact us today for service on your water treatment systems. And if you are a business owner or responsible for your companies facilities, we can service your commercial water treatment systems too.