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Is a water conditioner the right choice for you? 

Hard water is not particularly unhealthy, but it’s capable of causing some costly problems for your home. The costliest issues include scaling, pipe blockage and even pipe leaks. Scaling is the buildup of minerals to form a deposit called lime scale. Hard water, mixed with soap, forms nasty soap scum, which leaves a bathtub ring on your surfaces. Eventually, the scaling […]

Extending the Life of a Water Heater

Appliances in your home don’t come cheap and with the quantity that you’re responsible for as a homeowner, you want them to last. Part of helping your appliances, especially those that utilize your home’s water, means paying attention to the quality and hardness of your water. Homes with hard water that don’t have a water […]

Water Softener Saves You Money

Between high utility bills and buying extra soaps and detergents just to do their job, hard water costs a lot, both in the short-term and the long-term. Anyone who lives with hard water and doesn’t enjoy the many benefits of a water softener will tell you that hard water makes life that much harder. Though not harmful […]

Commercial Water Systems Galore!

We’re pretty proud of the variety of water treatment systems we offer households, but we also think our selection of commercial water systems are also pretty impressive. From commercial water softeners to water coolers, your business or commercial setting can enjoy the same benefits of high-quality, great-tasting water. Our selection offers ways to provide your customers, employees […]

The Pain of Hard Water Stains

If you, like many other people around the country, are living with hard water and do not currently enjoy the many benefits of one of our water softeners, then you know all about water stains and hard water spots left on your dishes and glassware. From drinking glasses to shower glass, hard water minerals like […]

Hydration and Healthy Skin Go Hand in Hand

In an eczema study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 33% of eczema sufferers said their work/school/home life is affected by being ashamed, embarrassed and scratching. Hard water can affect those suffering with eczema and also impact the skin condition of those without this issue as well. Hard water is known trigger […]

How do I choose a water softener?

Water softeners can be a useful household appliance when hard water gets in the way. Often times, choosing the best water softener or drinking water system could make all of the difference. Its job is important to your household and anything that makes life easier is worth considering. When you choose one of our water […]

Soft Water Equals Healthy Skin

Ladies, and yes even gentlemen, picture this; a deep tub, filled with steaming hot water and a cloud of bubbles swaying on the surface just waiting for you to sink in and soak all your cares and troubles away … Mmmm delightful!!  It’s shocking I know that something so wonderful could actually have proven heath […]

Water Softeners Help Irritated Skin

When we are young, we are taught to watch our hands often and well. We make it a part of our daily routine because that is what we were taught in school and at home. Handwashing is very easy to do and it’s one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of many […]

Why choose PE services?

Hard water is an issue that over 85% of households face in this country. A water softener is a solution that is popular in dry, arid regions like Southern California. Water that is high in dissolved minerals can cause a range of problems such as soap scum in sinks and bathtubs, bathtub rings, spots on […]