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Lead in your water – it’s a tricky contaminant!

Lead in drinking water can be very tricky because the only way to know if your tap water contains lead is to have it tested. While most communities have their levels of lead monitored, some homes around the country are facing serious health effects due to high levels in their water regardless. From Flint to Florida, […]

Commercial Water Systems Galore!

We’re pretty proud of the variety of water treatment systems we offer households, but we also think our selection of commercial water systems are also pretty impressive. From commercial water softeners to water coolers, your business or commercial setting can enjoy the same benefits of high-quality, great-tasting water. Our selection offers ways to provide your customers, employees […]

Drinking Water Inventions Improve Quality

With plenty of drinking water inventions on the market these days, some are bound to change our lives. Some are eco-friendly, some are good at doing their jobs and with enough research, some will do both. Our drinking water systems use the best water filtration technology on the market – they do their job and they […]

Widespread Water Contamination

As crazy as it sounds, due to heavy industrial and environmental pollution, the majority of our tap water and well water here in the United States contains some level of contamination. These contaminates range from naturally occurring minerals and elements found in the ground to man-made chemicals and byproducts. While it is true that in many […]

Is your Drinking Water Drugging you?

So many Americans rely on pharmaceuticals to stay healthy or to fight diseases, in fact a Mayo Clinic study stated that nearly seventy percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where research and development of new lifesaving medications are second to none. That being […]

Has the drought affected our water quality?

As a resident of California, you have probably already realized that there isn’t much the severe drought in recent years hasn’t affected. Clean drinking water is a necessity to human life, so when something occurs that affects the quality and quality of our water, it has a huge impact on all aspects of life. How […]

Do your kids drink enough water?

Do you pay attention to how much water your children drink each day? If you’re like most parents – probably not. But a recent article from CNN has many people rethinking the importance of making sure their children are drinking plenty of water on a daily basis and gives some startling data on the truth […]

Benefits of Drinking Water with Lemon in the Morning

Sometimes, it seems that there are just too many diet fads or health advice going on at once. When watching the television or scanning through Facebook, you can feel bombarded with the latest food trends, pills, or gadgets to shed a few pounds. What we all need is something that is simple and affordable to live […]

5 Easy Ways to Save Water

Water conservation is a huge concern right now, especially in the southwest states where the drought continues to linger. Water restrictions are becoming mandatory in many areas and they are certainly necessary, however there are several less obvious ways in which we as consumers can limit our water usage. Of course we know to limit […]

Perchlorate, perhaps?

Without a home water filter, it can be really hard to determine if your drinking water contains contaminants. Although municipal water systems are regularly tested, this is not always fail-proof, and private wells are left to their own monitoring and treatment. Many contaminants are not regulated and some that are can still get into our […]