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Rayne Water of North County provides bottled water quality systems and soft water solutions for homes and businesses across the North County area. Our water treatment options are convenient, economical, and benefit the environment by reducing waste and using environmentally friendly processes. Contact Rayne Water today to learn about all your options for quality water. 

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"Very professional and helpful! We live on base where the water is very harsh on your skin and not drinkable. The system they installed is great and very affordable. They even installed our system the very next day. I would highly recommend them."

Grace G.

Oceanside, CA

“Rayne Water is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST WATER SERVICE/SYSTEM IN SAN DIEGO! We love our water softener, and our most recent installation of the water purifying spout at our sink is FANTASTIC! No more purchasing of expensive water bottles every week! Rayne Water people are super friendly, courteous, professional and EFFICIENT! You’ll be glad you called them!”

Diana S.

Carlsbad, CA

Just realized I've never reviewed Rayne ... and they're awesome!! Been using their soft water delivery service for over a year and it's so easy. They switch out the tanks on a schedule and you don't have to deal with salt or any of the maintenance. I had a small leak one time and they came out to fix it the same day. Can't recommend them highly enough!!

John M.

San Marcos, CA

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Which Water Softener Salt Is Best?

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Is Your Household Water Usage Above Average?

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Lead Poisoning Is Still a National Concern

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